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Commercial Cattle

Our commercial cowherd is the testing and proving grounds for our Hereford and Angus genetics. We run several hundred commercial cows………. all Angus and Hereford based. If you see a white-faced cow in the Aldrich Mountain Range, she’s probably ours. Our commercial cows get trailed 30 miles to one of our USFS grazing allotments. They move 15 miles across the mountain and then get trailed home in the fall. Our commercial cows run up to 7000’ elevation in the summer and know how to make a living in big country. They see timber in the summer and high desert in the fall, winter, and spring.

We also run a large scale bred heifer operation. We source big strings on one iron heifers from our bull customers or other ranches that have quality cattle and AI them. The heifers summer at the home ranch and are marketed in the fall in load lots. We also have partnered up with Rollin’ Rock Angus and contribute 150 bred heifers annually to their fall bred heifer sale. If you are looking for high quality, black hided heifers, bred to breed leading genetics, and backed with solid vaccine protocols, then be sure to check out our “Cattle for Sale” page.

Commercial Cinch
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bred heifers
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